Discover who I am as a person


Husband, Father, Brother and Son

Just like you I have a family. I love them all immensely. I have to say the best two things in my life are my wife and son. When I answer the question why? Why do I do this? It is because of them.

My Passion Multiplied With Results

I would have to say that starting a business is never easy. It sure wasn’t easy with me. As an entrepreneur I have had a thousand crazy ideas that have failed or just stopped. However, when I stayed the course I turned my passions into my business. After seeing results nothing will slow you down.

It All Began With Encouragement and Mentors

I would not be here today if I had not met some very important people. Blake Rudis who runs a terrific company called F64 Academy has been instrumental to my success. It is because of people like him and my friend Eric Lafleche that I have continuously moved forward in this career field. I recognize the important role people like these have in your life and because of that I want to be there for you. Ultimately you have to find your why. The reason you want to create your own empire and hopefully, I can help you.


There are a ton of things that take my time in this life but family is my first and foremost. I have a beautiful wife named Larissa and a son named Oliver. When I’m not slaving away at my businesses I am spending time with these two! My son can be a ton of work but he is the greatest thing to ever happen to my life!


Everyday I am confronted with people who have yet to find their passion in life. Some people live an entire existence never knowing their true potential. They never find what they really love to do. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have found my passion. I do it every day. I am not going to say its always easy but, ecommerce was definitely something I was meant to do with my life!


I love Football! Actually, I really love all sports except one I won’t name it! However, when it comes to my favorite sport football takes the cake. My team is the Kansas City, Chiefs! They have given me many of heart brakes over the years but they still remain a solid outlet from the stresses of everyday life for me.


Traveling is definitely one of my passions. My wife is from Brazil and we try to travel there often. Also, I love skiing in Colorado, traveling to Mexico, heading up to New England for some sites or just really anything that I can do with the time that I have!

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