Many people claim to be SEO gurus but the real honest to God Truth is they are not! I am constantly bombarded with people calling me to ask whether or not I would like to use their services to increase my search ability on google. Even on upwork and fiverr people claim to be gurus but when you try to search their name they aren’t even in the first two pages of google search!

Why is this so important? If you aren’t even showing up as the first two results on google with your name then you are going to have an issue with your brand. If your name is your brand then it needs to be toward the top at all costs.

How will people know you are legitimate? If you are trying to go after a clientele that desperately needs your services, how can you sell them a product, if you yourself can’t even do it!?

I won’t go into detail because I know that if you are reading this you know the importance of branding and SEO.

So, what can you do to increase the rank for your name in google search menu? I’m glad you asked. I have come up with 10 ways to increase name optimization. Obviously, some names are more competitive than others, that’s a fact. However, there are ways for all of us to increase our SEO.

11 Ways to Rank for Your Name in Google

  1. Facebook– If you really want to get your name out there create a Facebook page. For most this is already done but, Facebook truly is an authoritative figure and it will help push your name up the list for visibility. Ways to increase visibility? Remove your profile from the private setting allowing others to see more about you. (Personal preference I still don’t do this!)
  2. LinkedIn– LinkedIn is another major brand with tons of authority to get your message out. If you are a regular user on LinkedIn you will have no problem landing on the first two pages of google search.
  3. Instagram– Create an account and start posting pictures. This is a terrific way to get your message and name out there. Start making hashtags with your name on them and push pictures out. This will increase visibility
  4. Personal / Company Website– Create an about me section, and a bio. Download Yoast SEO and make sure this is green in SEO output and Readability. This is a great way to increase your name in google search.
  5. Twitter– Although twitter isn’t my favorite social media platform these days it doesn’t hurt to create an account and constantly push out tweets. It will help move your blog content and of course could increase your SEO.
  6. Ask People to Write About You– This will be huge especially with people that already have a large following. This helps get your name out there and links pages back to your blog / bio. This is another way google will pick up your name and rank you toward the top of their page.
  7. YouTube– If you aren’t cranking YouTube videos out every day or at least several times a week you are wrong. Create all of your videos with your name in the description or “tag” area which could ensure google ranking success.
  8. Write Books/eBooks– Because why not? If you are already doing everything above you might as well just pump out a couple eBooks for $1.99-9.99. Well created books will move you to the top of the google ranking extremely quickly and you will make some nice passive income.
  9. Author on Ezine– Visit Ezine, create an account and write. They have a huge following and content so, they do will in the SEO area.
  10. Blogs– Whether it be your own blog or someone else’s blog, create content, comment on other blogs etc. Actively engage the community you wish to be involved with. This could increase SEO to your site.
  11. Quora– Comment and answer questions in your market for the people and users of Quora. This platform is terrific for getting your voice heard as well as driving traffic to your website.


I hope you enjoyed the 11 ways you can help improve you google ranking. This could build your name and help sell your product or message. I am curious to find out if others have had luck like I have so, please let me know in the comments below! Also, give me new ideas to increase SEO everyone will benefit from this!

Until next time thank you for coming!



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