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This is a new beginning, a new business, a new life. Please join me on this incredible journey to financial freedom. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” –Mahatma Gandhi. I have always loved this quote. It describes so many inspirational people perfectly. So, many people have used their time on this earth for incredible things. They constantly worked and studied to perfect their crafts. People like Henry ford, Andrew Carnegie, Warren Buffett, Walt Disney, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs took monumental risks and to get to where they now sit in history. The entrepreneur spirit is a feeling many people possess however, few actually act on this gift. I find myself wondering why so many people want to start a business or work for themselves, however, this just ends up never happening and the day to day grind becomes a lifelong reality. This is exactly why I want to teach large amounts of people how to obtain financial freedom. I am not saying this will be easy or it comes with no risk. But, nothing in life worth doing will ever be easy. There is no get rich quick scheme that suddenly plummets you to Warren Buffet status. If you are like me you were born into a middle class family with no adequate means of owning an empire. You were not mentored by some super rich individual. You like me, were born into a family that had parents who worked 9-5 jobs. They probably hated their jobs, much like you. What if I told you that the 9-5 grind would no longer have to be your reality? What if I told you I could help you create a business that your family and friends would be proud to see. They would say holy… crap! Ben created a website using wordpress!

He created an import export business! He created sustainable wealth outside of his current job! Ben has products with his name on them! Now some people may not have this specific goal. For me, this is a huge motivator. I relish the day where I will be able to say hey, 9-5 job? Why in the HELL would I still do that? My house is paid off. My cars are paid off. I feel like I want to take a trip to Mexico. My 10 year goal is to be able to work in whatever location I would like, because my Amazon Sales business, well it will be online. This is the vision I have for MY future. What is yours? Where would you like to be in 10 years, 5 years, 2 years? If you want to be where you are right now then continue what you are doing. If you want to be working from home and have unlimited time, freedom and money then join me. I will show you exactly how to pursue your dreams. Now, at this time in my blog about selling online I will be showing you how to pursue your dreams using Amazon sales. However, in my future segments I will show you how to re-invest the money you earn into different business areas. The key as I have been told my entire life through either books or school is diversify. So, after we learn the Amazon sales business together, we will jump into different areas of investing. I want to be financially free just like you and I believe we can get there together! So, many times I am asked how did you hear about Amazon sales? Why would you do this? Well, I am about to tell you why I would do this and how I heard about it. I am sure you are probably a bit skeptical when it comes to being able to do this. YOU SHOULD BE!

You should always over analyze any business venture you jump into. Smart and successfully people do this on a regular basis. That being said, Amazon sales are legitimate. This is how the program works. Amazon is not interested in selling every item they offer on their website. They use some fancy algorithm to decide which item is the most profitable item for them to invest in and then they sell this item to the consumer. All the other wonderful products on Amazon are being sold by average Joe’s like you and me. They found some niche market that they thought would sell, listed it for sale online, and then solicited large amounts of reviews until they had thousands. This increased their products visibility and you as a consumer see that 4-5 star review and purchase their item. More often than not people will even buy the higher rated items even if it is more expensive. It might be the exact same product As you can see reviews are extremely important. The only other thing that affects sales would be the buy box. If you product is cheaper and very similar you will end up in the buy box.

Many times people will buy your product as well and this in turn, starts the process towards getting more reviews. Hopefully, the product is well made because you will receive wonderful feedback which in turn, will help you sell more products. Now there are really two LEGIT (sorry legitimate I think my college days are coming back to me) ways to earn money through Amazon. The first and most time consuming way is retail arbitrage. I also, like to refer to this as online retail arbitrage because it could really apply to both. This is simple. You go to a store and search for items on clearance! Wow tough huh? This item will likely be sold for its original price online and all you have to do is search the IBSN number on the product. This can also, be done at thrift stores, online clearance stores such as target, or just even searching “clearance deals” in the google search bar. The next is wholesale products from China or India. This involves a bit of research and this is a three part series that focuses on the different ways to sell products on Amazon. Next week I will go into more detail as well as show you a terrific video on YouTube of me actually going through the retail arbitrage steps. Until then this is Ben your Amazon sales enthusiast.


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