I started an ecommerce company in 2016 and so, I know exactly what you need to start a company and I will give you the basics. I am not going to sugar coat anything for you. I will tell you exactly what is needed. I believe this is important because if you don’t know the upfront costs then how can you make an educated decision on you future? Hopefully, I can help with this decision through my trial and error.

First I would like to say while I am writing this blog I do not affiliate with any of these companies or services. In the future I do plan on providing affiliate links because hey who works for free? But, right now I just want you all to succeed. So, are you ready? Ok great! First and foremost you need a website for your business.

There are several options however, from personal experience I would go with (WooCommerce or Shopify). Both are incredible options but I will say this. Shopify is much easier for a newbie. They have pre-formatted templates and everything is designed with the user in mind. They do updates to protect you from outside shenanigans and they basically allow you to throw apps and amazon drop shipping right up on the site with ease. WooCommerce was designed for the more experienced user. It is WAY more customizable. For someone like me who is used to Elegant Themes and Divi, I like it much more.

Next you’re going to have to download Jungle Scout as soon as possible. It is extremely difficult to do your product research without this tool. I won’t go into large detail the link is provided for you but, it is definitely my favorite market research tool.

After you find your product using Jungle Scout make your way over to Alibaba and source all of your product. After you find your product ship that right on over to your house and sample it. Don’t move forward without doing this. I avoided thousand dollar mistakes in production by having sample products sent to my house.

Now you want to send your product to your house and you are satisfied you will need pictures. You can send your product to POW Photographer for professional white background photos. Many outdoor pictures can be taken with your phone or a legitimate camera at least to start. When you receive your white background pictures you can head on over to Fiverr and get a professional to edit them with some sizing and measurements etc.

At this point put in your order on Alibaba, set up an Amazon account, buy UPC codes from GS-1 (if you want to sell on your platform too). If you want to sell exclusively on Amazon which, I think is a terrible idea, you can just brand register and you’ll be fine.

Next pick a freight forwarder, I use FlexPort, and have them coordinate the shipment through customs and to your amazon warehouses. This is the very brief version of how to start an Ecommerce business. If you skipped to this section let me break it down for you real quick in a bullet list format. I will also, include it by order of importance

Here’s the List:

  1. Website
  2. Product Research Tool
  3. Alibaba
  4. Samples
  5. Pictures
  6. Bulk order
  7. Amazon
  8. UPC Codes
  9. List
  10. Sell

Now there is a ton of stuff I left out because it would be physically impossible to do in a blog post. I’ve laid out what you need to start in this industry. Ecommerce is no joke and much more difficult than it seems especially when you start getting into it on a very serious level. However, if you have any questions or want any of these topics broken down further I would love to help.

Check my resources tab for updates on some of the things I use to make my business successful.


Until next time

Ben Hedley


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