There are countless ways to risk my money so I asked, why risk my money on ecommerce? Look my job isn’t to sit here and convince you that ecommerce is the business for you. You will find your way eventually on the exact way to make money (hopefully). But, for now I am going to teach you about ecommerce. I’m going to show you why I thought I needed to risk my money. Eventually you can decide for yourself.

Ecommerce to me, provided an outlet. I will say I am a millennial. Like many millennials I am impatient in a ton of ways. I look for instant gratification. You might say that I am product of my environment. You would be right. We have been raised in a world of instant gratifications. We have been spoiled by technology. You want something? Go ahead one click buy that junk. That is the world I was raised in.

So, when instant gratification didn’t come at my job. I decided I personally needed an outlet. I needed a place to focus my energy and time aside from my 9-5 job that would set me up for life. I am not saying I hated my job, I just needed to see success much faster. See, in my line of work I know exactly what I’ll make from now until retirement. That is a problem for me. It gives me zero incentive to work harder. It doesn’t provide any opportunity for me to think outside of the box. Basically, what my bosses were telling me was you do your time, you complete your tasks, you will get your percentage of pay increase and you can go home.

For many people this is fine. They love knowing how much they will make every single month and they live long and happy lives. Sometimes I wish I were one of these people. But, I am not. If you are reading this I guess you aren’t one of them either. We have a different personality. We not only want instant gratification we want to see growth based off of work effort and innovation. So, a structured job that provides scheduled raises, based on time is a tough pill to swallow.

Ecommerce gave me the opportunity to make money while maintaining my relationship with my wife, my young son and my career. I was able to do everything I needed while I was on break from work or while my family was sleeping. I made a considerable effort to work on my business only when I was not busy with family activities.

This business has an incredible amount of potential. Let’s say for instance you started an ecommerce store for organic supplies. You could start with an initial investment of around $5,000. You could pump out 2 incredible products sell them on your ecommerce store and Amazon. You could market this through social media campaigns and other avenues. After a while this product (if done right) will start selling organically for you. You can be the trusted brand in that niche and eventually every product you launch in the future will have just that much more validity.

This is a business you can build into a six figure income ONLINE! Also, if you are willing to learn there are a crazy amount of resources out there. Udemy is just one outlet that has hundreds of eLearning material ready for you to watch.

Think of it like this. After you successfully build one brand in a particular niche, you can expand and build two, then three and so on. Each small piece of a market that you take will lead to eventually a large market share. That is the power you hold. This is the outlet you are looking for. Ecommerce is the future and I can show you how I succeeded.


Ben Hedley


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