There is a world of opportunity out there ready for more ecommerce startups. The massive companies that are making millions should be fearful of new startups. I don’t even want all of their money. I just want a fraction of it. I will get it I promise you this. You will too. They have done a phenomenal job of marketing their products but, I am going to do better one day. This again I promise you will happen. It only starts with action.

Ok enough with the fluff. If you read my previously blog post you saw that I failed in business. Just like everyone trying before me failure is inevitable. You should almost expect it and then roll with it. No one is perfect especially not in the beginning. This business is complex and extremely difficult. Marketing is not easy, business relationships are hard, financial responsibility is daunting, picking the right products is clutch and numerous other factors. I will go through week to week the struggles I ran into with this business but for now I will explain how I arrived to where I am at right now.

So, I failed several times. With numerous different ventures. Nothing major or life altering however, the consistent theme is I failed. I even gave up. I stopped completely with everything involving ecommerce because I was angry and disappointed in myself for failing. However, I failed to see that the light at the end of the tunnel was coming. I found out through failed ventures what I was truly passionate about. That passion was ecommerce.

I was in the parking lot getting ready to start my drive home from work one summer day in 2016. I was looking over Facebook real quick and I saw a good college friend of mine post something about his new website. He also, talked about how he was really interested in getting into ecommerce and traveling the world. I was immediately excited to talk to him because I knew absolutely no one personally who was interested in this. I was the only other person who had a slight interest in ecommerce and selling on Amazon.

I immediately reached out to my friend Eric and we decided to start a business. We didn’t know how we were going to start it or what niche we would go into at the time but we did know that we were going to move in that direction. Eric shortly after ended up traveling to Arkansas and recruited another college friend of ours Ben Watsky.

We all sat down on skype and had a quick catch up meeting. We immediately thereafter cemented the team in stone. Eric became the website and marketing team member, Watsky became the financial and humanitarian guru and I became a multi-purpose team member focusing on several aspects of the business. This included things like product photos, blog writing and publishing, supply chain management, hiring virtual assistants etc. I basically handled anything that needed to be done as soon as possible.

Now, we knew we wanted to start a business the issue we had was what niche we wanted to jump into. I will tell you this. After countless hours of market research it really doesn’t matter what niche you follow. You can sell them all. If you are in a position to where you have to pick a market do something that you enjoy. That is why we settled on Outdoor equipment. We love this market because we love the outdoors.

This is the beginning of our ecommerce adventure so, please continue to follow along.

Until Next Time,

Ben Hedley


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