How to Find Products to Sell Online?

So.. you are interested in finding perfect products? You’ve come to the right place! Before we get into this I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a fresh start. My wife probably thinks I’m crazy for waking up at 530 AM to start a finding the perfect products blog post. I just wanted to bring in the new year with some good ole fashion learning! Ok lets dive into this–finding a product online has never really been easier , especially wholesale. With companies like Alibaba or even local companies in the United States like Albanydistributing there are literally thousands of products for sale. Picking one of those products though can feel like a daunting task, I know I’ve been there. Let me help you with this finding-perfect-products-header-300x161process.

Here are some things you are looking for when finding the perfect product:

  1. Make sure your product is lightweight, smallish (is that a word? You get the picture!) and easy to ship.
  2. Do not pick a seasonal product unless you get some incredible deal at that particular time and know you will sell it all during that time period.
  3. Pick a product in a resale sweet spot range of $10-60.
    • If you pick something under $10 shipping costs and fee’s will destroy your business–Its just not worth the hassle
    • Unless you are an experienced seller do not buy anything over $60–the investment is just too much and it will be easier to get burned by not selling this product in a timely manner.
  4. Shoot for a product that gives you a 67% profit margin or higher. Anything under this is probably a waste of your valuable time and money.

Now that we’ve gone over 4 extremely important points when answering the question how to find a product to sell online. I can show you some great resources that will help you narrow down exactly what items to choose.You will absolutely want to use an excel
spreadsheet provided by one of my favorite online companies Startupbros. They created a workbook that will help you immensely. I cannot stress it enough this workbook will be your lifeline!finding-perfect-products-mid-300x285

Also, you will need to go to terapeak. This website will allow you to research a product internet wide and it will even give you a ratio on how well a product is selling at this exact moment! The first 7 days are absolutely free and if you couple this website with your workbook you will be able to research 100’s of products and eventually decide which ones you would like to sell.

This is how it all comes together when finding the perfect product:

  1. Pull up your workbook.
  2. Go to Amazon
  3. Find your product
  4. Enter in the price data via your workbook
  5. Go to Terapeak and enter the data required there as well.

I will do a video walk through of this entire process during my video blog segment next week. If you can figure out how it all works before then well damn you are impressive ;)! Until, then just understand something. You are looking for a product that will give you a terrific profit margin 67% or higher. Your workbook will calculate this for you. Also, terapeak will give you a sell through ratio with your product. This sell through ratio basically tells you how often it sells etc… You always want to pick product with a sell through

Also, when researching products that you would like to sell don’t just look for existing products on Amazon. Go to places like
or Reddit’s buy it for life and shut up and take my money section. People are constantly posting their needs and desires on this particular forum. Don’t forget about Kickstarter!

I tend to look at a products sales TREND online before buying it as well. You can do this by visiting sites like TrendHunter or CamelCamelCamel. Both of these websites serve very different purposes. Nonetheless they are extremely important when doing your product research.finding-perfect-products-middle-300x200

I hope I have helped you in your search of finding perfect products! Today we have gone over the weight and size of a product you should be selling. The exact profit margins you need to succeed. The workbook you should be using. Websites that assist with the  overall product picking process. If you have any questions I will be more than willing to help you just let me know!

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