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Would you like to learn how to make money on Amazon? Ok, you need to master  wholesale purchasing. When I started selling on Amazon I assumed this would be easy. This is absolutely not the case. This method is complex and it includes a much larger investment. If you do not have some sort of a coach or a person who is successful at selling wholesale products it will take you time to start making a profit.

Also, there is a potential you could get scammed by a company in China or India if you aren’t careful.  Obviously I cannot go over every single trick and method I use to make money and avoid being scammed in this one single blog post.  However, in my coming blog posts I will explain each and every detail. I will give you all of the information you will need to know in order to be successful when buying items in bulk / wholesale.

Let’s get started. Buying in bulk or wholesale involves you searching for a potential seller in more than likely, a different country and then having them ship that product to either you or an Amazon fulfillment center.

The main website I use is It is by far my favorite and I have no problem finding a supplier via this website. More often than not they speak English well enough to negotiate a sale and you will be satisfied if you have chosen your product wisely. It is important that you ask for a sample before buying 100-1000 units of anything. I always like to test my product before I make a major investment.

Next it is extremely important that you look for a Gold Supplier! Do not do business with any others, no matter how hard they try to get your business. Also, do not do business with them unless they use PayPal! Paypal payment helps protect you in a variety of ways. If you would like to research this feel free to click on the PayPal link and they will fill you in on the various ways they are able to protect your money.

My main goal is to buy a product that will sell for over 10$. If a product won’t sell for over 10$ then it might not be worth your investment. This is because shipping fees, storage fees and Amazon’s “cut” will end up costing you around 5$ an item depending on what kind of item you bought.  Also, pick something smaller and lightweight to reduce shipping and storage fees. In future blog posts I will explain UPC creation, ASIN pigging backing, how to label and ship product from China and make sure it gets to an
Amazon Fulfillment center. I will also, show you how to pick an item that will likely sell, which import company to go with when shipping product in value over 2,500$, how to restock items because Amazon does not like it when you do not constantly have product available for the customers, which companies to use when researching products to sell… etc..

Again there are so many important details you will need to know when starting an Amazon business. You are able to get into the game relatively easily but, you might not be successful at it if you aren’t listening to the advice of people who have already learned it the hard way (for example ME)!

I will leave you with this. Amazon Sales and wholesale purchasing will allow you to earn some major money on the side with little effort after your initial research and investment. You just need to work smarter. .. not harder. Join my team and I  will teach you everything you need to know!

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