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Part 2 of 3

Today I am going to cover another amazing way to make money online! I will be going over the first and least complicated way of selling on Amazon. Retail Arbitrage is simple, fun, and well time consuming. However, absolutely anyone can do this in their spare time.

So, here’s the scoop. Pick a Goodwill / thrift store that is in relatively close proximity to where you live. Get in your car. Then drive to this wonderful oasis.

When you enter the store please walk by all of the clothing because Amazon does not want you selling used clothes. I usually head to the book section first. Now, look through the books and see if you can find any type of informational books such as learning the ASVAB or introduction to Calculus etc. etc. After you have chosen a book and really it could be any book, open up your smart phone (this is assuming you have one of course and if you don’t I mean come on.. its 2016!).

Then enter the number on the bar code of the product in your amazon search bar. If you would like to do this quicker albeit actually pay money then you can pick up an app called Profit Bandit. The Profit Bandit app will allow you to scan the product from your phone and search the overall price on WAY TOO EASY! OKKKK. Now you have a product that you would like to sell on Amazon. You are ready to partake in the Amazon Sales process. Go home and list
this item online via your Amazon Seller account. There are some other terrific items to sell on Amazon besides books of course. I invested .99 cents on a collectors addition true blood party table cover. I was able to sell this for 15$. So, immediately I made a pretty great profit. There are finds like this all over the place! Look for old cassettes, vhs and cds these items still sell online.

Also, board games are items that tend to sell online. Of course like anything you will have to look around for products to sell and not every item you buy will be a gold mine but, I assure you, you will make a profit doing this! It is probably the best part time job you can have because you work for yourself!

Shopping at thrift stores can and will yield great profits. You have to be diligent and know where to look because there is profit to be made. However, there is another great area to look and it is available at your fingertips. Please just google CLEARANCE sales online. Just do it… now! Ok seriously I am sure you did it. Look at all of those websites offering clearance deals. You can find items
Retail-Arbitrage-Footer-300x22550% off and ship them to your house, turn around and sell them on Amazon! This is the ultimate retail arbitrage.

Amazon sales could not be easier using this method. Also, you can use the app now owned by Amazon called woot to buy clearance items. Then, sell these very same items on Amazon! People often are not looking for particular items when they are on sale or clearance so you tend to be able to sell them easily at the original price.

So, instead of working a 40 hour a week job at Mcdeez or Wenders, you can go home to your couch and hustle products online. Be warned! There is of course an initial investment. You will need particular items to package and ship your products from home to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

I will give you a break- down of the relative price and names of the products you will need to get begin executing your online sales platform in a future blog segment. All you have to do is buy them, and get started. Easy right?

Stand by for part three of Amazon sales in next week’s blog post. We will be going over the much more complicated version of retail arbitrage. This will include buying wholesale items from different countries, then selling and shipping them to Amazon.
Until next time… Ben!


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