I could sit around and talk about the Amazon FBA business for hours. In fact, my friends and family are both sick of hearing about it. To them, I seem like a mad man that can’t stop rambling but the problem is I found myself always wanting to teach them how to make money online. That is why I developed this incredible course. I wanted to answer the question my friends and people I ran into always had: How does Amazon FBA work?

I even wanted to answer the age-old question: How to find the best FBA products? Now, when I started to dive into the massive amounts of detailed information people needed to learn to run a successful business emphasis on SUCCESSFUL, I realized it just wasn’t simply done in YouTube video. I needed to show everyone in a large course that answered the, what is Amazon FBA question.

So, Amazon FBA is a service that ships and sends items that you private label or wholesale bulk buy and have sent to Amazon. It provides a platform for people to search large varieties of products and then choose whichever they want.

Think about that for a minute. Years ago say the 90’s you would go to a store and if they didn’t have that item at your local Wal-Mart well, you just went home empty handed or had to settle with an inferior item.

Now Amazon and Amazon FBA has completely changed the game. You now can be selective. If you are a customer that is phenomenal. If you are a seller, well, now you have competition BUT, if you follow my later blog posts you will realize competition is good.

The thing is, either way, Amazon FBA is here to stay, brick and mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past. Amazon FBA has moved into the game on a large scale and everyone else is on the outside looking in.

Where does this leave you? Well, great question. Because we live in such an amazing time we are able to run a business from the tip of our fingers. The only thing we have to learn is the Amazon FBA program step to step. Also, sprinkle in some marketing and a bit of hustle and you are ready to roll.

It is crazy how many resources are out there today compared to when I was starting. One that I will regularly name in my blog posts is the Amazing Seller. Scott is a great coach and helps everyone succeed. Also, because of him, I started my own coaching platform call Empire Minds that helps people one on one.

After a while, FBA is not your only fulfillment option. I would look into Dollar Fulfillment which provides much cheaper rates to its customers. They will do the exact same thing that Amazon does however, I use to ship from my own website.

Regardless of which service you use in the long run, it is worth asking the question: What is Amazon FBA? Also, I am going to show you why Amazon FBA in the next blog post! So, I’ll see you over at the next post!

Ben Hedley

    Empire Minds



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