This course on how to make money online and Amazon FBA took me a considerable amount of blood sweat and tears. No, not really but it did take me a TON of time. I spent countless hours editing, revising, tweaking, writing blog posts, creating quizzes etc.

It is a twenty nine part course on Amazon FBA and how the entire process works. Also, it is my first course! I will create more this year but, for now, this one will have to start us into the world of ecommerce.

I learned about selling on Amazon and my own Shopify store from an article on This guy was advertising his new product and he briefly discussed Amazon FBA. It was at that exact moment that a light went off in my brain like something you would see in an old cartoon. I had an idea! Well, I guess it wasn’t really my idea…. but, I decided to pool my resources together and start selling on Amazon via Amazon FBA.

I first started out in retail arbitrage which was a decent dive into the entire business. My business was inspired partially by Cody Hawk who has made a killing in this business. Then I moved quickly into online arbitrage and drew some inspiration from The Online Empire Academy. Both of these guys are terrific at their business and it would be wise to follow much of what they put out as far as their coaching material goes!

Next, I knew these two businesses were not exactly what I was looking for long term so, I had to make the jump into something much feasible. That is why I quickly started investigating and drawing inspiration from StartUp Bros and The Amazing Seller.

These two information outlets along with the others I have mentioned in this blog post gave me some incredible resources and information along the way. They basically inspired me to look into Amazon FBA and private label selling. These platforms taught me much of what I know today on how to make money online.

So, I quickly moved into this area of business which jumps off the beginning of this incredible course where I go over many of the tools that made this business possible and successful. Also, I quickly explain my processes in this course and how important it is to create a successful pre-launch for a viable long term business.

So, I really hope you enjoy my Amazon FBA course on Udemy (Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition). It is free for a limited time and it has just a ton of amazing information in it.

If you have any questions for me over the course… of this course…. Please let me know. My coaching program at Empire Minds (Facebook group) is set up exactly for this reason. I want to be able to help everyone become successful in this business.

I want to help you remove some of the millions of dollars of profit other businesses are making at this very moment. Lets re-distribute the wealth while I teach you how to make money online via Amazon FBA.

Ben Hedley

Empire Minds


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