Reviews are the only way to thrive and make money online. Whether its reviews to your product, reviews to your training videos or reviews to your company etc. If you want to learn how to make money online, well, start with reviews.
Why are they so important in the digital world? The reason they are so extremely important is that there is no way for people to physically touch your product. They have to buy it and then see it. So, they rely on people who have already invested their money into the product.
Some people are major discount hunters, and they will exploit a cheaper product that has fewer reviews. They are going to have more risk upfront, however, if it is a great product then they just received a massive value. The problem is most people are not like this. They want to see the upfront value and take less risk.
People will often pay more for a product they know will be successful in the long run. That is why private labeled products are so, incredible. Their product may not necessarily be any better than the cheaper product. However, based off of experience and massive amounts of other reviews from customers they will pay a little bit more to secure a product that works.
So, just like you will need reviews to launch your Amazon career, my courses need these very same reviews. They thrive based on your words. They also, fail based on your words. You hold all of the power as consumers. All I can ask is that you give me a nice fair review so, I can continue to make successful courses for years to come!
It truly means the world to me that you would come to my website or my Udemy courses and listen to the things I am trying to teach you. There is no better feeling in this world than someone reaching out to you and telling you that you help them succeed.

Later in my Amazon FBA course I will walk you through the exact steps to make sure your products get some phenomenal reviews. In October of 2016 Amazon changed their review policy. This has made it extremely difficult to launch new products. Basically, what happened was Amazon had a difficult time with fake reviews to products.

So, they took massive steps to eliminate fake reviews. At the same time they created a policy that said in order to leave a review on a product you had to pay full price for that product and you had to have a history of shopping on Amazon.

So, new sellers were devastated. No more discounted reviews. However, think of this as a great thing. That means weak competition will be headed for the curb. Gone are the days when small fish could make a successful run on Amazon. If you want to be successful with the new review system you have to study and have a great strategy.

In the coming lessons I will teach you how to do this. However, until then I just wanted to tell you that you all are awesome for taking my course. I want to help everyone kill it on Amazon.
That is why I teach. I love it! So, when you get a chance hook me up with a solid review and I promise I will continue to put out excellent material for you and your friends!

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Until Next Time

Ben Hedley


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