This is just one of the many courses I will be doing on how to make money online. This particular post will go over my one on one coaching group! The coaching and mastermind group I’ve created will cover many subjects not just ecommerce.

When I started my business online I really had no mentor as far as ecommerce goes. I had a mentor for blogging and marketing but really that was it. So, my start was very slow. In fact, it took me about a year to start even launching my own ecommerce business. I am very thorough and I needed to research massive amounts of information before sinking my money into another business.

Eventually, I decided Amazon FBA was for me and I really just rolled with it. That is exactly why I wanted to create a group where we could get some real one on one coaching. The group I created started as advice for someone trying to make money online. However, it has quickly transformed into something more than this. I wanted to create a course specific to investing in general, Amazon FBA, drop shipping and real estate.

So, I really started to research some incredible ways to start a group and it just quickly merged into Empire Minds. I saw others doing it like Scott at the Amazing seller or Ecommerce Entrepreneurs. That is why I wanted to launch something that encompassed everything. This one on one coaching group would cover all areas of investing.

There is a real need for advice in this world. The problem with investing and even Amazon FBA is that it is all very risky. If you make poor decisions you will remove yourself from this business entirely. That is why it is crucial to take advice from the experts or just people who have been generally successful. Without their advice I promise you this business becomes infinitely more difficult. Yes, you can still do this on your own however, with all the resources out there now the real questions is why would you?

I have created a course that walks you through the basic steps of Amazon FBA. I have given you an avenue for free one on one coaching. I will continue to give broad spectrum courses away regarding different ways to make money online. Honestly, I am excited about it all.

Stay tuned for my next course on drop shipping. This course will crush everything you know about shopping online. I will show you some of the strategies people use to convince you to buy from them and it will blow you away! You can subscribe to to get on the free pre launch!

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