There are so many incredible start-up companies that private label their products. One that comes to mind specifically is Under Armour. If you think about the beginning of this company they really came from nothing. They were in a private label dominated world of which companies like Nike, Reebok, New Balance and Adidas all dominated.

When they started in their niche people probably thought they were crazy. However, a company nobody ever heard of created an incredible brand surrounding their products. They started to dominate the industry and have surpassed many of the companies I’ve named above in both profit and branding. They created private label bags, moisture wicking products, shoes, shirts, pants you name it they planted their private label brand on the world. The sporting good industry has really never been the same.

As you can see private labeling products paid off heavily for Under Armour. People choose to buy their products in many cases because of the name. They know that this product is also, very reliable and long lasting. People notice a brand. It sticks out to them and they continuously repeat buy their products.

This is why it is so extremely crucial for you to private label Amazon products. People are devoted to a great brand. They identify with it and use it for all of their future needs. They also, tell people about that brand and advertise for you. After awhile it compounds and you start to see results like Under Armour. Now, of course you probably wont see ACTUAL results like them. They are an anomaly.

However, there are billions upon billions being made in the retail / ecommerce world. Websites like Shopify are helping people like you and myself remove thousands and even millions from these major corporations. The reason this is possible is because of Private labeling.

So, this is how I go about private labeling. First I research the one or two products I am trying to sell.  Then I research the market or niche I’d like to sell in. After this I brainstorm heavily to think of a prenominal name for my future store and products.

I will admit I am not a great graphic designer so, I use websites like Fiverr and Upwork. They have some terrific freelancers who will create amazing works of art for your products!

After you create some logos and designs for your website you need to reach out to a Chinese manufacturer or supplier of your choice and send them your images. They will attach it to your product for you, take some pictures for you to see, and then ship you a couple samples.

After you are satisfied with the designs on your product you can send those products to a photographer and get some wonderful pictures taken. You can even use those pictures to market on your social media platform as well as on Amazon and your Shopify store!

That is the quickest way to start your own private label business. The only thing I left out was creating your own unique barcode. This will allow customers to buy your product on your website as well as in the future, sell it through retail at different physical brick and mortar stores.

I hope you enjoyed my brief breakdown of the private label process and why it is important to your business! If you have any more questions please join me over at our Empire Minds community group and I look forward to helping you through the process!

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