I made a massive mistake with a virtual assistant. I assumed my virtual assistant could do it all. I expected far too much from him when I started this business. I hounded this dude constantly when things weren’t done to my liking or on time. If you’ve read any leadership book or been put in a situation of leadership you’ll understand that at this phase of my life I learned quite a bit on how not to lead.

If you are an ambitious person or a work-a-holic you need to understand that there are very few people in this world who share that drive. A virtual assistant is no exception. They are like you were at your 9-5 job. Usually trying to get by complete the tasks assigned to them. No more and no less. At times this will frustrate you I know it did me.

See when you open a business it is your baby. Everything you put into it helps your future and the growth is exponential. It compounds like crazy after a while. However, virtual assistants don’t see this or have this same passion about YOUR business. The reason why you ask? Because, it isn’t their business. You can’t expect the same type of production that you expect from yourself or your business partners for that matter.

So, when I had my first virtual assistant that I sourced from UpWork I laid massive amounts of work on him. Also, the pay just wasn’t enough because I was trying to save a dime. However, he didn’t want to lose my business because he saw the future for him if my business took off and he was still hanging around. It was a terrible situation for him and I definitely regret some of the moves I made regarding discontinuing our business relationship.

The individual I hired was from Bangladesh. He is a terrific person and has many skill sets that I took for granted. For instance, this individual isn’t the greatest at content creation for social media, however, he and his team are the best I have met yet at social media growth. He grew all of my accounts to approximately 2,000 followers in about 2-3 months. Also, these followers weren’t just generic spam accounts. They were real people who interacted with me very regularly.

I know this because I have a friend who bought Instagram followers to look more legit. He had over 8,000 followers immediately upon opening his Instagram account. But, if you looked at his posts at 8,000 followers and then mine at 2,000 you would see massive interaction on my posts and almost none on his. That to me was eye opening.

I will go into more social media marketing in another post and explain the benefits behind it. Also, I will tell you what to look for in a VA that is actually good at growing accounts and not just posting content.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that when you hire a virtual assistant you need to be reasonable with your expectations. Make no mistake about it they are human just like you. Do not task saturate them especially not in the beginning. Talk with them daily and compliment their work. The extra compliments go a very long way. Some thrive off of this and work harder. I have witnessed it first-hand.

Some virtual assistants have skill sets that others do not. So, cater your work to each of them don’t repeat my mistakes. Make some part time if you have to so, you can capitalize on another with an entirely different skill set for another part time role. Be smart with them and remember they are human just like us.

Until Next Time

Ben Hedley


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