When we started our company in August 2016 we knew we were just three friends with a plan. The way I always viewed it is this life is extremely short so, you are ultimately in a race to massive wealth. The race ends, when you end. Some people have a head start in life that is a fact. They either were born wealthy or started in a family with considerable amounts of wealth. Seeing as there are only 1,810 billionaires in the world that occurrence is very rare. In fact the college I went to had no millionaires (that I knew of).

So, it was on us, three friends with a plan, to create something that would survive us. It would move past our legacy and we could give what we created to our children. That is the future I wanted and I know my business partners felt the same. That’s why personally I always felt it was a race to massive wealth.

The company we founded is in a terrific niche. We really ultimately didn’t create it just because we wanted to get rich. In fact it was what wealth would give us. It would give us the freedom to leave the ball and chain jobs we worked at. After this we seriously considered which charities we would support with any income we earned.

The idea wasn’t to create wealth in order to buy fancy cars, big houses, fancy liquor and women. It was to help take care of our planet and surroundings while providing for ourselves and family. That was our goal but, I suppose everyone has their own reason for entering this market.

However, after we decided all of the incredible things we wanted to do with our income we needed a plan.  Money just wasn’t going to start dropping from the ceiling. We weren’t making it rain like a music video. This was a straight up money pit at first. That is a fact. We had no idea that our initial investment of $1,500 and then $350 a month each would end up tripling in the beginning.

Amazon also, gave us a huge slap in the face in 2016. We had everything ready to roll by October 15, 2016 but, Amazon in their infinite wisdom gave us a swift kick in the crotch. They closed the door on new sellers on October 10, 2016 – December 19, 2016. I remember thinking terrific, we are ready to launch these products and make some money and we just have to sit on our hands for two more months.

Thanks Amazon, one of the many reasons I love selling on your platform! You control everything we do!! That’s why you sell on your own platform as well! Anyways…. it ended up working out for us. We had plenty of time to grow our social media platforms, contact influencers and take product pictures that weren’t terrible.

I promise you, we used our time wisely… lol… I’m lying to you. We are humans so, we made a ton of mistakes and didn’t take advantage of the time as much as possible. That is a fact. We actually ran into every issue you can imagine three type a personalities could run into while operating a business. I’ll go into more detail about that in a later blog post. Let’s just say idle minds like ours don’t always help.

I am an impatient person, a flaw that I am absolutely aware of and this company took a considerable amount of time to get off the ground. The first month was brainstorming a marketable name / logo. The second was filled with product research and ordering of supplies. Then Amazon closed its doors on new sellers so, we started tweaking our website, creating the best pictures possible, making sure our supply chain was incredible, having weekly meetings, managing our virtual assistant, firing a virtual assistant and then hiring another.

This process was no joke. It was full of ups and downs and numerous setbacks. Every month the budget increased. Overall, from August 2016 – January 2017 we didn’t even know if we would make a profit. We could have very well invested around $10,000 without even being successful. However, given all of the stuff we had to put up with I will say that I have come out extremely knowledgeable regardless. The experience has been absolutely worth it in every way. Ecommerce businesses are extremely exciting. They are the future that is for sure.

Brick and mortar stores are dying left and right. Malls are closing all over the country. If you can successfully build an ecommerce brand, the future is surely set for you and your family.


Until Next Time,

Ben Hedley



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