How to Find Reliable Suppliers

I am sure that one of your major concerns will be how to find reliable suppliers. This is a concern I had and I am going to show you some ways to absolutely avoid the risks associated with buying from a wholesale distributor in China. Also, I will show you how to look for a wholesale product in Reliable-Suppliers-Header-300x250 the good old US of A. It is extremely important that you line up a reliable supplier because first and foremost you do not want to lose money because of a scam. Next, reliable suppliers are the bread and butter of your business. Without them your business will cease to operate.

Also, Amazon absolutely hates when you run out of your product on their website. If you product is selling out and there is nothing left in your inventory then Amazon would be inclined to boot you of out the buy box. They want a consistent sales experience for their clientele. So, when running your business, you want to consistently restock your product. If you are dealing with amateur non reliable suppliers, they will not help you do this successfully. That. Is. A. PROBLEM.

A reliable supplier will help you create your private label brand if and when you decide to jump into this business venture. The larger manufacturer will be able to put your logo on any desired product and then send the created product to your front door for you to sample. This will allow you to brand your entire product line. Many reliable suppliers will also, create professional pictures of the product that you will be able to place right into your listing.

So, now that we have covered why it is extremely important to find a reliable supplier, I will go over how to do this with certainty. Alibaba is your friend. I have been yelled at in forums for using Alibaba because, some professional sellers will tell you that these Chinese websites are
Reliable-Suppliers-Middle-300x233unreliable and you will get scammed. WRONG. Alibaba is huge. So, huge in fact that it is changing how the world buys and sells products. If you want to find a straight from the manufacturer product you need to go to this website. They will give you the lowest priced products in the entire world.

Now that I have convinced you that Alibaba is king when it comes to wholesale I am going to tell you how to NOT get scammed. There are three things that I, personally, look for when shopping for a product.

These three things are very important (IN THIS ORDER):

  1. Trade Assurance
  2. PayPal
  3. Gold Supplier (the manufacturer has to pay extra for this status.)

Do not purchase anything from this website without keeping these three things in mind. If you want all of the wonderful details about trade assurance follow the link. Basically, it will protect you if the products are not satisfactory and or late. They will have to refund that particular purchase in most cases.

We all know PayPal and the protection it provides to the people who use it. It might cost you 2-3% more in the long run to use but, it is truly protecting your investments. Lastly, the least important of the three you will need to see if they are gold suppliers. Reliable suppliers that have gold status actually pay for this privilege. This does not mean that they are a 100% ethical company and will not scam you. However, it does means that they have the money to pay for this status and are probably serious manufactures that want to protect their reputation.

Now I know I have spent a great deal of time talking about Alibaba and reliable Chinese suppliers. Do not forget about American made products. Reliable-Suppliers-Misc-300x141There is a following that prefers to buy American made products regardless of the price. The only problem with this is they do not really advertise on a website as expansive as Alibaba.

To find a reliable supplier in America you have to dig deep on Google. They are notoriously bad at advertising and marketing. I have no idea why they are so bad but, this is the case over and over again. Use key word searches like bulk, wholesale, dropship get the picture.

Then proceed to the 15th page and beyond because that is where you will find the reliable supplier you need. There are also, websites like wholesalecentral that will help you with your searching needs. Companies and websites also, sell completed lists of reliable suppliers in the USA. I have never bought a list personally but, if you decide to go down that route please throw me a comment and let me know how it worked out for you.

In summary, we have covered how to look for a reliable wholesale supplier from China and the United States.  I covered the importance of Trade Assured, Gold Supplier manufacturers. Also, I briefly discussed the importance of PayPal for all your buying needs. Then we discussed how to find a reliable manufacturer in the USA. I hope this has helped you avoid some of the mistakes I made early on in my Amazon / E-Commerce career.


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