We live in a world full of scam artists and unethical behavior, that is why when it comes to trademarks, I will explain why you should have one. This is absolutely one of the most important parts of your business…period. If you do not have a trademark with your brand you should be prepared for a world of hurt in the future. That is a fact, I have seen it too many times.

Look I know when we are all starting businesses we are all strapped for cash. The cost of a trademark which can cost upwards of $2,000, will have you thinking why should I have one? I will tell you why. It is the only legitimate way to protect your business long term. If you do not have a trademark you are opening up your business to everyone. You are virtually saying copy my logo, copy my name, and then sue me later for all the rights regarding my brand. That is happening right now all over the ecommerce market place.

I know several people who have had to rebrand entirely. They took down all their listings because they were in drawn out fights with unethical Chinese manufacturers who stole their ideas and brand. I also, know people that rebranded only to have another unethical company jump on their rebrand!!! Needless to say this guy threw in the towel. He was tired of dealing with it. I really don’t blame him at all. I would have been too.

His mistake (which I’m sure he is well aware of now) was not filing for a trademark immediately. Also, after filing a trademark symbol should have went all over his stuff to let people know that he is protect so, that they would back the hell off.

The process of getting a trademark is pretty lame actually. I won’t go into massive detail surrounding it I think everyone is capable of doing their own research. However, the fact is that it takes over a year in most cases to get approved for a trademark. It also, is pretty expensive. You can mess the paperwork up easily also, which can put you at risk of being denied. If you are denied the money you spent is wasted as well as the time.

That is why when I was going through the trademark process with my company I decided to hire a lawyer. This almost ensured everything would be taken care of in a timely manner. Also, it would be 100% correctly filed. So, I never really had to worry if I filled out the information correctly or if I would get denied. Also, I had a lawyer who had my back on any other issues regarding trademark infringement etc.

The trademark cost is not something you might have been thinking of. I get that entirely. I didn’t think about it either. I mean, Amazon allows you to brand register so, why would you need it? I am telling you right now if you are in this for the long haul. You need to be trademarked. It will only help you in the future.

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Ben Hedley


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