I want to teach you how to use a virtual assistant. Virtual Assistants are incredible. Outsourcing in general kicks ass. I’m telling you right now they help your business reach another level. I have a full time job on top of writing blogs, putting out YouTube videos and running an ecommerce company. Now throw an energetic one year old and a beautiful wife on top of that into the mix. It is easy to see how life can get way too busy for one person to handle alone.

That is why virtual assistants are complete game changers. They can do everything you learned to do long ago. Need a listing put up on Amazon? Virtual Assistant put it up. Need customer service responses? Ok, Virtual Assistant communicate with our customers. Social media marketing? Go ahead my trusty virtual assistant handle that aspect of my business. The list goes on and on.

If you teach a virtual assistant exactly what you need them to do and give them time to absorb it they will be one of your most valuable assets. So, now that you have a brief overview of virtual assistants let me explain how I’ve been using mine.

I will warn you I have had two at this point of my ecommerce career. One didn’t work out as well as I had expected. However, as I explained in another blog post, that was partly my fault. However, the strategy I used would have been for both of them and moving forward I’ll integrate more virtual assistant’s for different areas of the business.

So, in the middle of 2016 I paid my virtual assistant approximately $200 a month to maintain numerous social media accounts. He was responsible for content creation and growth on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Looking back he did an outstanding job on follower growth. Content was lacking but everything else I was very, very satisfied with. So, much so, that when we hired another virtual assistant to replace him we realized that great content does not always equal massive growth.

The virtual assistants that are actually good at growing accounts may be good at just that and that alone. Content may never be their strong suite. Also, English skills may not be good enough for customer relationships. So, you need to always keep that in mind. This particular virtual assistant was sourced on UpWork and he was from Bangladesh. This a beautiful country with wonderful hard working people. It is quite possibly me favorite place to source virtual assistants because the US dollar goes extremely far there. Keep in mind though they do not accept paypal, which can become a major pain in the butt.

When I hired the next virtual assistant for approximately $240 (part time) from the Philippines I immediately realized I found an individual with an entirely different skill set. She had amazing written and spoken English. She is to this day a hard working driven individual focused on pleasing the person she works with. This is amazing for future projects that I will be using her for.

My virtual assistant creates remarkable content for our social media. Also, she is working on emailing our list of 500 influencers in order to push and move product on their blogs, YouTubes, and podcasts. However, growth on all accounts has not been rapidly increasing. We get plenty of social media engagement with less growth.

So, the ideal situation is for these two to team up when budget allows, we will have one virtual assistant focus purely on growth, and the other will worry about content and customer relationships. As you can see everyone will have a different virtual assistant experience. The cost of a virtual assistant is incredibly low and we absolutely benefit by living in the states or even Europe.

Just remember when like I said in a previous post. Do not take your virtual assistant for granted. Find ways to use them that helps your business succeed. Also, nurture that relationship. If you do you will have a virtual assistant that could work with you for a lifetime.  They might be your best resource in five years.


Until Next Time

Ben Hedley


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